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A selection of articles written by well-known doctors and consultants for AllerGuard UK on different allergy-related topics. All of the experts have an interest in dust mite allergy, and can be contacted via the links below.


Dr Adam Fox: ‘Allergic Rhinitis in Children’           

Website: www.adamfox.co.uk


Dr George Du Toit: ‘Allergic rhino-conjunctivitis affects up to 20% of children and can significantly impair quality of life.’

Website: https://www.londonallergyconsultants.co.uk


Dr Apelles Econs: How to Treat Moulds’

Website: www.allergymedicaluk.com


Dr Harsha Kariyawasam: Allergic Rhinitis vs Non-Allergic Rhinitis’

Website: http://www.allergyandnoseclinic.co.uk/ 


Dr Robert Boyle: ‘Probiotics and prebiotics for the treatment and prevention of eczema‘

Website: www.ukallergy.com


Dr Hasan Arshad: ‘Allergen Avoidance during infancy


Dr H Morrow Brown: ‘Glue Ear or Secretory Otitis Media

Website: www.allergiesexplained.com 


Dr David Cremonisini: ‘Tips to improve your childs asthma

Website: www.dubaiallergy.com


Dr Runa Ali: Allergic Rhinitis vs Non-Allergic Rhinitis

Website: www.allergyspecialistlondon.co.uk


Dr Michael Radcliffe: ‘Pollen allergy may cause food allergy by Dr Michael Radcliffe'


Professor Edward Kaminsky:Testing for Food allergy

Website: www.allergydiagnostics.co.uk


Dr Helen Cox: Food allergy and Eczema – how are they related and implications for management

Website: www.childrensallergyclinic.com 


Dr Jemima Mellerio: How a dermatologist treats eczema in children’ 

Website: www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com  


Dr Susan Leech: ‘Airborne allergens can cause eczema’

Website: www.kch.nhs.uk/service/a-z/paediatric-allergy


Dr Michael Rudenko: ‘The Role of Allergy in Skin Conditions

Website: www.ukallergy.com


Dr Eleanor Minshall: Urticaria

Website: http://www.peanut.cuh.org.uk/meet-team/dr-eleanor-minshall


Dr Apelles Econs:‘Why Britains inhalant allergies are disproportionate’

Website: https://www.allergymedicaluk.com


Dr Rashmi Jain: 'Allergic Rhinitis in Adults'

Website: http://www.oxfordallergyclinic.co.uk/


Dr David Cremosini: 'Could my child have allergies'?

Website: https://www.mediclinic.ae/


Dr Dinkar Bakshi: 'Impact of allergic rhinitis on exam performance and quality of life'

Website: https://www.britishallergyclinic.com


Dr Helen Brough: 'Asthma in Children'

Website: https://childrensallergydoctors.com/


Dr Jose Costa: 'Airborne Allergies'

Website: https://www.thechildrensallergy.co.uk/





Dr. George Du Toit: Description Diagnosis and Management of exercise induced anaphylaxis‘          

Website: www.londonallergyconsultants.co.uk 


Dr Michael Rudenko: ‘The Advantages of using Feather pillows versus Synthetic by Dr Michael Rudenko‘

Website: www.allergycliniclondon.co.uk


Professor: Jonathan Brostoff: ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’


Dr Nick Read: ‘IBS A Matter of Food and Mood and A Case for Self Care‘