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Recommended Starter Kit

We recommend purchasing each of the following products:
- AllerGuard Mattress Protector (w/ zipper closure- for ultimate protection) or AllerGuard Fitted Mattress Protector (w/ elastic - practical for travel)
- AllerGuard Pillow Protector or AllerGuard Luxury Pillow
- AllerGuard Duvet Protector or AllerGuard Luxury Duvet
AllerGuard Starter Packs:
Have a look at our Starter Packs - you can save 20 %. 
You can also Mix and Match the Starter Packs product to your bed and bedding size!
AllerGuard Combo packs:
We are always happy to put together a customised quote so if you are ordering several items, do get in touch and we will work out a good price for you. Email Marianne at 
Custom Measurements:
Don't forget we do custom measurements too! If you can't find your size on our website, please get in touch using the email above or using our Contact Form and we will work out a quote for you.
We also make AllerGuard covers for your cushions, bolsters etc 
Worldwide shipping:
AllerGuard UK will ship to all countries World Wide apart from Poland, Denmark, Japan and Singapore.  We have installed a 'flat shipping rate' on all International orders on the website. For all custom made orders, please get in touch with us to work out a shipping quote. 
Online Shop:
Visit our Online Store and browse our products. If you can't find what you are looking for, please just let us know.