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The Allergy & Gluten Free Show (AllerGuard UK exhibited at the 2009 and 2011 show – and was recommended in seminars both years by health professionals!)

The Allergy Academy (The King’s College London Allergy Academy offers high quality courses on Allergy)

Adam Fox (Consultant Paediatric Allergist)

George Du Toit(Consultant Paediatric Allergist)

Helen Cox (Consultant Paediatric Allergist) 

Dr Robert Boyle (Consultant Paediatric Allergist)

Professor Edward Kaminski (Consultant Immunologist)

Rachel DeBoer (Dietician specialized in paediatric allergy): Private clinics at Chase Lodge Health, Mill Hill and Westminster Bridge Consulting Rooms in London. To contact email or phone 07990701719

Nutrilife (an educational holistic nutrition and lifestyle programme, with a focus on scientifically optimising nutrition to improve health,well-being and fitness particularly targeted at people with allergies and intolerances. Founded by Emma Scott, who is a well known Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach based in Hampshire)

The Allergy Free Baby and Toddler Book  (by Dr Adam Fox and Charlotte Muquit – highly recommended)

Queen Anne Street Allergy & Immunology Centre (Private allergy clinic in London)

The Allergy Bible (A very useful book on understanding and treating allergies by Linda Gamlin)

Talkeczema  (Information and support for people with eczema)

Talkasthma (Information and support for people with asthma) (Information Resource about the house dust mite) (A worldwide directory of allergy friendly accommodation with features that will appeal to families with sufferers of asthma, rhinitis, eczema, sinus problems and food allergies/ intolerance)

E-cloth (A range of cleaning cloths and mops using just water making them environmentally and allergy friendly, ideal for dusting and cleaning all around the home)

Ventia (A dust mite test kit for home based allergens. Sold by

Saltscrub (A Danish all natural salt product for people with dry skin conditions including eczema)

Kidsaware (Allergy Awareness Products)

Olsson Haircare (Developed for people with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, the haircare range has the Danish Astma-Allergy seal of Approval as well as the Allergy UK seal of approval)

Nutritionist Resource (an online directory of qualified and/or registered nutritionists in the UK and Northern Ireland)

Allergy UK (National Charity for people w/ allergy, food intolerance etc)

Asthma UK (National Charity for people w/ asthma)

National Eczema Society (National Charity for people w/ eczema)

Action Against Allergy (National Charity for people w/ allergies)

The Anaphylaxis Campaign (National Charity for people at risk from severe allergic reactions/anaphylaxis)

Airborne Allergy Action Support Group (Facebook Support Group raising awareness of the benefits of using effective airborne avoidance techniques for dust mites and other airborne allergens)