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About VAT Exemption

The AllerGuard product range is VAT zero rated for people with certain chronic health conditions such as asthma. By completing the VAT Exemption form on our website, you can self-certify your condition, and you will automatically be able to purchase AllerGuard Bedding without VAT on our website. For all other UK customers, VAT will be added at checkout.

 (The VAT exemption form is for customers based in the UK only, if you are based outside of UK you will not have to pay VAT when buying on this website.)


Simply follow these steps:


Step 1:

Fill in the VAT Exemption form on our website


Step 2: 

Register on our website.

Tick the box: ' VAT exemption form'


Step 3: 

Place your order on our website 


Please note that some customers may need to log out of their account and then back in to see the VAT exempt price.

If the price is still showing incl. VAT after completing Step 1 and 2, email us with the AllerGuard items you need and we will send an electronic invoice without VAT.