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AllerGuard – the world’s leading brand for hotel bed protection:

AllerGuard | Bedding Protectors for Hotels | Hygienic & Allergen-Free

Eccleston Square Hotel features AllerGuard Mattress Protectors, AllerGuard Luxury Pillows & AllerGuard Luxury Duvets on all of their beds. AllerGuard UK sells a range of luxury, non-chemical mattress and bedding protectors for hotels, serviced apartments and other accommodation providers. Made from a unique tight weave fabric, the AllerGuard mattress, duvet and pillow covers protect against dust mites - in fact, 99 per cent of known allergens.

A hygienic bed means guest satisfaction:

Using AllerGuard protectors on hotel beds means that guests are assured of a safe and sound night’s sleep. Hoteliers are secure knowing their hotel bedrooms can safely accommodate guests suffering from allergies.

A hygienic bed is more cost effective:

AllerGuard’s hygienic protectors cut long term costs for the hotelier by prolonging the life of mattresses and bedding. Unlike other covers on the market, the company does not use toxic chemicals to kill bugs and allergens, avoiding the need for repeat chemical treatments.

‘One day, every good hotel will protect their guests with AllerGuard’

AllerGuard’s products include pillow and duvets protectors, mattress protectors, both fitted (with elasticated sides) and fully enclosed (using special zips); and luxury goose down duvets and pillows. The tightly woven fabric of fine fibres provides a two-way prevention: eliminating hiding places, bugs and mites are stopped from breeding and along with their waste they are prevented from penetrating and contaminating the bedding. Meanwhile, their food source, usually human skin, is unable to pass through the material. Deprived of food, the bugs die, avoiding infestation.

Eccleston Square Hotel:

A new, prestigous luxury hotel in London SW1. Features AllerGuard bedding in all rooms!

Eccleston Square Hotel also features:

– The ‘world’s best beds’ sourced from Hästens and costing around £12,000 each.

– The most advanced, state-of-the-art bedroom interiors with 46″ 3D LED TVs, HD Movie and 3D channels, 3D Blu Ray DVD players, iPod docks, free super-fast WiFi, free London calls and worldwide VOIP calls at cost.

 AllerGuard Bedding including AllerGuard Mattress Protectors, AllerGuard Luxury Goose Down Pillows and - AllerGuard Luxury Goose Down Duvets on all beds!

Customer Testimonial:

“As part of our extensive hotel refurbishment recently we decided to incorporate the use of AllerGuard allergen proof bedding throughout our bedrooms to give us an edge in a very competitive environment.

We are totally delighted with our experience of the company and its products to date and know that we are contributing significantly to our guests getting the best night’s sleep possible, including those who don’t suffer from allergies.

I can say this without hesitation as I have converted my own bed and use AllerGuard products too”.

Olivia Byrne

Owner, Eccleston Square Hotel


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Before booking in to any of these hotels, call in first to make sure they reserve their AllerGuard items for you!


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