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Mite-proof bedcovers may reduce asthma flare-ups in children

Preventive effect of bedding encasement with microfine fibers (AllerGuard) on mite sensitization

Effect of mattress and pillow encasings on children with asthma and house dust mite allergy

Laboratory assessment of the efficiency of encasing materials against house dust mites and their allergens

Special cover (AllerGuard) as a protection against house dust mite exposure

Other tests:

The German consumer organisation TEST (http://www.test.de/) investigated a variety of high quality dust mite protection covers. 12 products were tested with AllerGuard as the best overall product.

Patient Study:  ‘Microguard’ (=AllerGuard)/Bronchial Allergic Asthma in Children

The severity of asthma attacks in children was graded:

Grade 3: Severe attack

Grade 2: Moderate asthma attack

Grade 1: Small asthma attack

Grade 0: No asthma attack

The amount of coughing in children was graded:

Grade 15: Very frequent coughing

Grade 10: Frequent coughing

Grade 5: Infrequent coughing

Grade 0: No coughing 

AllerGuard is certified by the Danish Medicines Agency, and has been developed in co-operation with the Danish Asthma & Allergy Association. AllerGuard also holds the Oekotex Certificate and is tested for harmful substances.