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AllerGuard Dust Mite Prevention Minimize Allergies & Asthma

The dust mite is an “invisible” enemy to us, and it is responsible for a big part of the world’s growing epidemic of asthma and/or allergies (i.e. ezcema and rhinitis/perennial hayfever).Unlike pollen and food allergies, symptoms can occur all year round because the dust mite allergens are found where there is a good temperature, plenty of humidity, food and rest – typically in the bedroom.

There are limited ways of using chemicals to exterminate the dust mites or destroy the allergens. Even if successful, the treatment has to be repeated constantly, because the mites reproduce quickly.

Mattresses provide dust mites with the warmth, humidity and food they need for ideal growth, and they are rarely disturbed by vacuuming, cleaning or washing. AllerGuard prevents dust mites from reaching their primary source of food and drastically reduces the level of dust mites in the bed.

The most practical way to control allergy to dust mites is to take preventive measures so that exposure to allergens is minimized. This method attacks the root cause of the problem by minimizing the number of triggers. Small but effective lifestyle changes can save hours of distressing symptoms and medical treatment.

The dust mite is a dangerous bed mate, especially for children. Most allergies develop during childhood and the house dust mite  is the major culprit causing asthma and exposure to house dust mites is also proven to worsen child eczema and rhinitis (perennial hayfever*). All important reasons to protect the immune system right from the start!

The air we breathe while sleeping can have an extremely high concentration of allergens, sometimes up to ten times greater than in other rooms of the house!

We spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms in close contact with mattresses and bedding which are all potential havens for dust mites and other allergens. (Soft toys, cushions, curtains and carpets also contain high amounts of dust mites.)

Click here to watch a video on ‘How to keep a mite free bed’ by Housedustmite.com – visit  their website to find out lots more about Dust Mites – check out the great animation too!

Dust mite facts: 

– The Dust mite is between 0.1 and 0.4 millimetres long

– It does not cause or carry illnesses, but the airborne protein in it does

–  The dust mite produces its own weight 200 times in excrements during its lifetime which is 2-4 months long

– Inhaling microscopic dust mites faecel matter (droppings) causes allergy in many humans

– Vacuuming only removes 5-10 % of the dust mite allergens and often spread microscopic particles in to the air to be breathed in

– Mattresses and bedding, upholstered furniture, carpets, cushions and cuddly toys are homes to dust mites, mainly due to the associated body heat

– The dead skin cells we constantly emit are consumed by dust mites, and are their primary source of food


As well as using allergen proof bedding, AllerGuard recommends using following measures to keep dust mitelevels low in the home:


– Hoover and clean regularly

– Keep your home clutter free

– Remove carpets and rugs (ideally cushions and curtains too)

– Use good ventilation (i.e. air out all rooms in the house, especially the bedroom) to reduce humidity in the home


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AllerGuard is developed in co-operation with the Danish Asthma & Allergy Association

AllerGuard is certified by the Danish Medicines Agency

AllerGuard also holds the Oekotex Certificate and is tested for harmful substances.