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AllerGuard Flat Sheet Protector

The AllerGuard flat sheet is very versatile; can be used as a sheet around any mattress and can be used as a 'middle layer' between you and the duvet too instead of a duvet protector! The flat sheet can also be used on sofas and other soft furniture .

The flat sheet is easily fitted around your mattress and therefore practical for travel – so you can be protected outside your home as well! (Use the mattress protector under your ordinary cotton sheet).

(For everyday use in the home, we recommend the AllerGuard fully enclosing Mattress Protector for people with a dust mite allergy.)

The AllerGuard Flat Sheet is available in the following sizes:

Single: 180 x 175 cm
Double: 230 x 275 cm
King: 275 x 275 cm 
Super King: 305 x 275 cm

(We can make custom sizes on request)

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