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Waterproof Pad

This waterproof pad is of a very high quality and is extremely water absorbent.

The waterproof pads are ideal for anyone who wants to protect their AllerGuard mattress protector or mattress against stains, spillages and bed wetting. Now you only have to wash the waterproof pad when it gets stained - and not worry about your Allerguard mattress protector! (which should only be washed up to 4 times a year ideally).

The pad is made with a PU (Polyurethane) coating rather than a PVC coating which means it is much better for the environment, and the product has received the Oekotex certification which means it is tested for harmful substances (just like the AllerGuard products).

Place the waterproof pad over your AllerGuard mattress protector and use the pad either over or under your cotton sheet.

(The price includes VAT for VAT exempt customers as this product is not VAT exempt unlike the AllerGuard range)

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