The secret behind AllerGuard® lies in its unique material structure. AllerGuard® fabric is the only material woven tight enough to prevent allergens from penetrating through.

Medical professionals agree that allergen-proof bedding is one of the most effective and most important allergen avoidance precautions, especially for people who suffer from allergies.

Sharp Edge Technology

AllerGuard fabric uses the patented Sharp Edge Tecnology which gives superior properties in protection and comfort. The result is a mixed fibre of ultra-thin filaments, generally smaller than 4 micron (1 micron=a millionth of a meter).

Even though AllerGuard has an extremely tight weave structure, the air permeability is high compared with other allergen-proof covers. It is 10 times higher than normal membrane covers. This is due to AllerGuards unique fabric structure where each yarn consists of a large number of very fine triangle filaments. The fabric also benefits from having very high water absorption.

Oeko-Tex Certification

By using a specific detergent, the down and feather that AllerGuard uses for their pillows and duvets has received the high standard ‘Oeko-Tex certificate’ and has been tested for harmful substances. Find out more here


The Goose Down and Feather

The AllerGuard®  luxury pillows and duvets are filled with the world-renowned Polish White Goose Down and Feather and they are specially treated to give them additional hygiene and makes it washableAfter intensive washing and rinsing, the down and feather are sterilized and dried.  Each of those refining processes assures that the filling material for AllerGuard® is hypo-allergenic and adjusted for washing in the washing machine, while maintaining the very best of the nature’s gift.

Soft-Seal™ Technology

In all AllerGuard® duvets the inner and outer walls of material are thermo-welded in to squares without leaving any stitch-hole on the surface. By using this highly advanced technology, house dust mites have no chance to enter inside and colonize your duvet, and allergens would not come out from inside, either.


AllerGuard is developed in co-operation with the Danish Asthma & Allergy Association

AllerGuard is certified by the Danish Medicines Agency


AllerGuard also holds the Oekotex Certificate and is tested for harmful substances.


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