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AllerGuard X Gravity Blanket for Children

The AllerGuard X Gravity® Weighted Blanket with a glass micro bead filling enclosed with the legendary allergen-proof AllerGuard material comes with a separate, removable fleece cover that is attached with zippers to the AllerGuard X Gravity® Blanket.

The AllerGuard X Gravity® Blanket is not just a blanket. Its weight provides a satisfying deep stimulation touch. The wide selection of the removable cover's weight, size, and colours allows everyone to find the blanket that fits their needs.

The AllerGuard X Gravity® blanket is a warm, comfortable, relaxing weighted blanket developed to relieve stress and anxiety. The weighted blanket provides a feeling of being embraced or covered, helps to improve the mood and achieve a deep, restful sleep all night long.

The AllerGuard X Gravity® Blanket weighted blanket is a modern therapeutic duvet.  It has been produced with only certified materials to ensure the safety of its use.

The simplicity of the AllerGuard X Gravity® Blanket weighted blanket's construction is brilliant, and the high-quality materials contribute to its therapeutic properties. AllerGuard material and glass micro beads with a diameter of 0.9-1.2mm make up its materials. Thanks to the AllerGuard fabric's fine weave, the micro beads don't create a hazard.


The AllerGuard X Gravity® Weighted Blanket is available in the following sizes:   


 AllerGuard Gravity® Blankets for children - Size  Weight, kg 
90x120 cm 3,4 kg
100x150 cm 3,4,5,6 kg
110x170 cm 3,4,5,6,7 kg


The child's weighted blanket should be about 20 cm longer than his/her height.

It should weigh about 10% of the child's body weight (unless recommended differently by a therapist).


Important - Please note:

The blanket is not recommended for children under the age of 3. Please keep away from small children.

The AllerGuard X Gravity® weighted blankets are made slightly differently to traditional, weighted blankets: The inner weighted blanket is attached to the outer fleece cover with a zipper, although we can make the weighted blanket the traditional way with hooks and ties instead for the same price on request.

The high-quality AllerGuard X Gravity® weighted blankets are produced by a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process that takes place entirely in the EU.

Shipping and Custom Import Fees to UK are included in the price. Extra shipping and Custom import fees may apply outside of the UK.





Click here for further Instructions on how to use the AllerGuard X  Gravity® Weighted Blanket 

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