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AllerGuard Travel Set

NEW to the AllerGuard range - The AllerGuard Travel Set. Features an AllerGuard Fitted Mattress Protector (with elastic closure) and an AllerGuard Standard Pillow Protector (with zipper closure). The travel set comes in a breathable toiletry bag and is perfect for holidays, weekends away and sleepovers!

(For everyday use in the home, we recommend the AllerGuard Mattress Protector (fully enclosing - see further above) for people with a dust mite allergy.)

The AllerGuard Travel set comes in the following size:

Single: 1 Fitted Mattress Protector 90x200x22 cm (fits single mattresses) and 1 pillow protector 50x75 cm (fits standard size pillows)

We can make custom made size on request, and we can make travel sets with UK standard sizes.

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